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  • VEGAS is a free program for performing gene-based tests for association using the results from genetic association studies. After reading in SNP association p-values, it will annotate SNPs according to their position in genes, produce a gene-based test statistic, and then use simulation to calculate an empirical gene-based p-value.
  • The online version here uses HapMap populations to estimate patterns of linkage disequlibrium for each gene. The offline version below allows the use of individual genotype data if available.
  • A full description of how VEGAS works is given in our paper.

Input format
  • Upload association results as a text file with two columns (tab or space-delimited, no headers) - SNP rs-number and p-value.
  • See a sample input file. This should take ~20 minutes to complete.
  • Users should not filter their association results by p-value prior to uploading. VEGAS was designed to take into account the effects of all SNPs within a gene when producing a gene-based p-value. This is also true for the top-x% and top-SNP tests.
  • For genome-wide analysis, we recommend users try the offline version below. Running VEGAS with association results for ~2.3million SNPs may take ~12-16 hours to complete.

Output file
  • Once the analysis is complete, an email will be sent to you with a link to download the results file.
  • This is a plain-text file with the columns: Chromosome, Gene, Number of SNPs, Number of simulations, Start position, Stop position, Gene-based test statistic, P-value. If the Top-x% test or Top-SNP test is selected, there will be an additional column indicating the Top-x%/Top-SNP p-value

Offline version

  • Our paper describing VEGAS is:
  • Liu JZ, McRae AF, Nyholt DR, Medland SE, Wray NR, Brown KM, AMFS Investigators, Hayward NK, Montgomery GW, Visscher PM, Martin NG, MacGregor S. (2010). A Versatile Gene-Based Test for Genome-wide Association Studies. American Journal of Human Genetics, 87. [doi] [pdf]
    Please cite this paper if you have used VEGAS in your research. We would love to hear from you!
  • Publications that have succesfully used VEGAS:
    1. Verweij KJ, Zietsch BP, Medland SE, Gordon SD, Benyamin B, Nyholt DR, McEvoy BP, Sullivan PF, Heath AC, Madden PA, Henders AK, Montgomery GW, Martin NG, Wray NR. (2010). A genome-wide association study of Cloninger's tempermant scales: Implications for the evolutionary genetics of personality. Biological Psychology, e-pub 04 Aug. [doi]
    2. Mosing MA, Verweij KJ, Medland SE, Painter J, Gordon SD, Heath AC, Madden PA, Montgomery GW, Martin NG. (2010). A genome-wide association study of self-rated health. Twin Research and Human Genetics 13:398-403. [doi]
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Jimmy Liu (jimmy dot liu at qimr dot edu dot au) and Stuart MacGregor (stuart dot macgregor at qimr dot edu dot au), Queensland Statistical Genetics, Queensland Institute of Medical Research. Last updated August 27 2010.